Accepting Guest Blog Posts? Follow These 6 Steps to Get Great Content

Guest blog posts have always been seen as a great way to connect with experts in your industry. This can boost your profile and help you to build a positive reputation. But, not all blog posts are created equal. If you’re hoping to accept guest blog posts on your site then you need to follow these 6 steps; it will ensure they have the desired effect.

It’s worth noting that guest blog posts can also help you make the most of your time, if a guest is blogging for you then you can focus on something else, such as finding the best technology to help you be more competitive; something that all business owners should do.

  1. Guidelines Are Essential

Your blog has its own flow and style, perhaps without realizing it, you’ve adhered to certain rules when creating each page.

It’s important to identify these criteria and make sure that any guest blog post reflects the same values, you need your posts to be consistent.

Guest Blogging

  1. Links Policy

It’s possible to stuff dozens of links into one fairly short article, although this may not be beneficial for you or the guest blogger. Ideally, you should have just 1 or 2 links to the guest bloggers site and other links to be to reputable sites that enhance but don’t compete with you.

  1. Research Your Writer

It is best to use a writer that creates their own posts. There are many people who now take on work and pass it on to others to write. This means you may end up with spammy style content or even inaccurate information. Both of these will not help the reputation of your blog.

Make sure you see examples of their work before you let them get started.

  1. Draft First

Your guest blogger should give you an outline article before they complete the final draft. This will show the title and sub-headings, which gives a good idea of how the blog post will be written. If it’s not in keeping with your standards you can reject it without costing anyone too much time.

  1. Upload To WordPress

It’s important to give a guest blogger contributory access to your website, the easiest way to do this is usually through WordPress. They can then prepare the blog, post it and leave you to check it before it is published.

This will give them the opportunity to present it as well as possible and you can verify it before it goes live; potentially affecting your reputation.

  1. Repeat Writers

Finally, if you find a good guest blogger then you should invite them to do it again. This will save you time and can boost your business performance. The best way to assess any guest blog is by the way that your followers reacted. The more positive and sharing they are with a blog the more you’ll want to get the same writer back. Just remember, writers generally have busy schedules.


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