How to Keep Your Warehouse Tidy in the Holidays

Delegate a Cleaning Role to Each Person

From Black Friday to the last-minute Christmas rush, holiday seasons place a huge demand on warehouses and workforces. There are long hours involved and more demanding and often impatient customers to tend to, as well as the rush to ship the items. Keeping the warehouse clean and tidy can be difficult with so much business to attend to, but the task is not impossible.

Cleaning Role

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It’s best to look at the cleaning and tidying operation as a long-term investment, because workers will be able to locate items more easily. It also leads to better productivity, so it pays to carry out regular decluttering and sanitising. When workers have downtime, it should be an opportunity to work on cleanliness so that when business does pick up all products can be located with minimal effort. Dividing the team up to perform cleaning tasks at different areas of the factory or warehouse and delegating a specific role to each individual can make the cleansing process run smoothly.

Adopt a ‘Clean as You Go’ Attitude

Clean as you work allows workers to keep control of any mess or unwanted dirt tracks in high-volume areas. Supplies should be kept close by so that no searching is required. All areas should have the appropriate equipment, and staff should be aware of how to access these. Paper towels, cleaning fluids and mops should all be staples within the inventory.

Cleaning Factory

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Keeping racks and shelving tidy is paramount. Reliable Plant provides space-saving tips. It states that warehouse space is at a premium these days, and the cost of under-utilising the warehouse adds up quickly. The article outlines the four easy steps to calculate the current space.

Shelving can help keep stock in order and many businesses require cheap shelving units Ireland. Companies supplying cheap shelving units Ireland will be happy to provide the best products to meet your needs.

Constantly moving the stock will help with reducing or clearing clutter. When the holiday rush begins, warehouse storage can be maximised by moving any outdated products elsewhere.

Floor labelling will keep sections organised, and it will help workers to identify the relevant stock. Keeping a record of which aisle stocks which product is essential, and it’s part of the cleaning and organising process.


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